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Product Description

Our range of Double Loop Binding Wire-O well coated and finished with nylon, bright surface, consistent quality. Unlike all plastic or glue-based binding systems, Wire-O bound documents will open flat and stay flat making it an ideal solution for notebooks, instruction manuals, text books, cookery books, atlases. 


Our Product Benifits

Product Properties:

  • Made of excellent quality material
  • Available in spool or pre-cut according to customers requirements
  • Meets US and European safety standards
  • Ensure firm, convenient and durable book binding
  • Good corrosion resistance due to eco-friendly coating
  • All pages are held firmly in place, turn easily, and lay flat & stay flat
  • Facing pages remain in perfect registration, and open a full 360°

Twin ring wire manufactured on German made equipment

Usage: Binding material for notebooks, books, wall and table calendars, albums etc. 

Key features: 

1 Meet REACH and ROHS environmental standards 

2 Standardized size and pitch, suitable for automated binding insertion

3 First class nylon coated wire as raw material. The tensile strength of steel wire restraints from 660-760Mpa

4 Strong package, not easily occur transformatio

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High Graded Calendar Hangers

Usage:Binding material for notebooks, books, wall and table calendars, albums etc.

Key Features:

1 Meet REACH and ROHS environmentalstandards

2 Multiple shapes. Available forspool package

3 Suitable for automated binding insertion


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