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We are leading  suppliers of a wide gamut of Tape Adhesives. Available in various sizes and colors, our tape adhesives are widely used in various industries, stationary, offices and many others areas. Our custom made solutions are offered to suit the clients’ specific requirements

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Because of its unique surface properties, glass can be a difficult material to bond.
Currently the use of adhesives or glues as bonding agents between glass and other materials is widespread; in fact it is the best method of joint due the characteristics (rigid, low elongation and fragile) that possess the glass .

There are few types of Adhesives available...
1. Silicone Sealant
2. Double Sided Tapes

Excellent adhesiveness
Better bond
Long storage life

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Experience Innovation the
Professional Way.

Quiktack BOPP tapes adhesives are most suitable for sealing of cartons and other packaging applications in breweries, distilleries, cosmetics and personal care products, pharmaceuticals, beverages and food products. They may also be used for other industries and general use.

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